Top Legit Real Estate Agencies for Long Term Rentals in Ensenada, MX

Ensenada, a coastal city in Mexico, is a popular destination for long-term rentals due to its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and affordable cost of living. However, finding a reliable real estate agency for long-term rentals can be a daunting task, especially for foreigners. This article aims to provide a list of top legit real estate agencies in Ensenada, MX, to help you find your perfect home away from home.

1. Baja Online Realty

Baja Online Realty is a reputable real estate agency in Ensenada that specializes in long-term rentals. They have a wide range of properties, from luxury villas to budget-friendly apartments. Their team of experienced agents is known for their professionalism and dedication to helping clients find the perfect rental property.

2. Remax Baja Realty

Remax Baja Realty is another trusted name in the Ensenada real estate market. They have a comprehensive database of rental properties and a team of multilingual agents who can assist both local and international clients. Remax Baja Realty is known for its excellent customer service and commitment to client satisfaction.

3. is a leading online real estate agency that offers a wide variety of long-term rentals in Ensenada. Their user-friendly website allows you to search for properties based on your preferred location, budget, and property type. is praised for its efficient service and transparent transactions.

4. Ensenada Living Real Estate

Ensenada Living Real Estate is a locally owned and operated agency that focuses on providing personalized service to its clients. They have a diverse selection of rental properties and offer additional services like property management and relocation assistance. Ensenada Living Real Estate is highly recommended for their local expertise and friendly service.

5. Baja Open House

Baja Open House is a full-service real estate agency that offers a variety of long-term rentals in Ensenada. They have a team of experienced agents who are knowledgeable about the local market and committed to helping clients find the right property. Baja Open House is known for its high-quality properties and reliable service.

In conclusion, these are some of the top legit real estate agencies for long-term rentals in Ensenada, MX. It’s important to do your own research and contact multiple agencies to compare their services and properties. Remember to ask about the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, including the duration of the lease, the monthly rent, and any additional fees or charges. Happy house hunting!