Tricks to get along with your roommates

Do you share a floor? And how about coexistence? Any friction? Everything like silk? With or without conflicts, check out these tricks. They will help you get along great with your roommates.

Sharing a flat is complicated because each one of us has our hobbies, our way of living, our eating habits ... That is why it is important to set some rules that help make coexistence great. There are some.

Organize the purchase well
buy in supermarket

It's not about buying everything, but there are always things that everyone uses: shampoo, gel, toothpaste, milk, butter, jam, bread, cleaning products ... It's all about sitting down and making a list of products common and buy them together.

This will avoid fights for: Who has run out of milk? or where is my toothpaste? or why does everyone finish my jam? ..

You should also take turns to see who buys the common products and decide how much to put on.

Hire a cleaning service
Cleaning in shared flats

Do you want to save many fights? Hire a cleaning service. Among several it is not so expensive and it is very effective because the house will always be clean.

If you do not want a cleaning service, do a schedule with weekly housekeeping tasks in the house and let everyone get involved.

And, even if you have a cleaning service, you should also make a schedule with distribution of tasks that the person hired can not do to clean. That is: throwing away garbage, organizing the payment of supplies (gas, water, electricity, internet ...), doing deep cleaning of the kitchen, managing the small repairs that may arise ...

Divide the refrigerator and cabinets

The best thing is that you divide the fridge by shelves and that each one places their food there, that way they avoid confusion.

The same rule applies to cabinets. Everyone who has a space to store food that does not need a fridge.

Be solidari @
tenant cleaning house

If you are the last to have breakfast and you find a cup on the sink, do not leave it there, refrigerate it or put it in the dishwasher. Be generous with your roommates because they will be so with you and harmony will reign at home.

Of course, if one of the roommates is one of those who always leave their things unwashed in the kitchen, there should be a meeting to tell him that he is sharing a flat and that he should clean up what is dirty.

The same rule applies to personal favors, as long as you can help your roommates, even if you do not fall into the trap of bullies. Zero tolerance with bullies.

Respect the rooms of your classmates

Never enter your partner's rooms without prior permission. The bedroom of each roommate is their private space that should not be invaded.

And the same applies to your roommates, they should never enter your room without your prior permission.