How to check that your landlord is the owner of the apartment

Five families of Torrevieja have been deceived by a false landlady who had rented apartments from other people. The false landlady is now in jail, but how could the deception have been avoided? Here below we explain it to you.

A girl who squatted apartments and put them on rent has recently been arrested. The false landlady deceived five families in Torrevieja and it was not the first time she did it. Now she is in jail accused of alleged crimes of documentary falsification, fraud, burglary and robbery, but how could they have avoided those five families that cheated them?

The landlords always demand from their future tenants proofs that demonstrate their economic solvency, it is very normal for them to ask for the last three payrolls, references of their company or a bank guarantee.

There are also landlords who hire rental insurance that are responsible for filtering tenants and the real estate agencies that manage the rent have their formulas to verify that the person who rents the apartment is responsible and punctual in payments.

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The key documents
And the tenant? How do you verify that the landlord is the owner of the apartment he is renting? According to Álvaro del Coso, managing partner of Lexperta Abogados and blog expert, there are two essential documents that prove it:

"- DNI of the landlord

Or deed of constitution or of appointment of charges if the corporation was the owner of the property.

- Simple registration note

It is a document that issues the registration of the property that has a cost of 10 euros and that certifies who is the owner of the property.

If the landlord does not agree with the owner of the property, we must ask him to provide us with a power of attorney that entitles him to lease the property.

With this documentation, the tenant will have total security that the person leasing the property has the capacity to do so. "[See more here]

The families that were deceived by the false landlady in Torrevieja signed apparently legal rental contracts filled with false information from a supposed owner. Maybe if they had asked for the simple registry note of the floors they would have found out who was actually the owner.

Seeing that the false landlady did not appear as the owner of the apartment, they would not have signed the rental contract or they would have required the power of attorney to show that they could rent the property on behalf of the owner.