How to fall in love with your landlord

Are you desperately looking for a flat and the landlords always choose another? Voucher. That is over. Here I tell you what you must do to make them fall in love.

A year ago the landlords were desperately looking for a tenant, now the tortilla has turned around, it is tenants like you who must fall in love with their future home. How? A) Yes.

Show your economic solvency

Any landlord wants to be sure of one thing: your tenant can pay the rent. How do you show it? A) Yes:

If you are fixed, or better yet, an official, you can show your landlord your employment contract and payroll so that he can see your history and trust your salary as proof of your financial solvency.

If you do not have the job security that landlords look for, but you do have savings in the bank, you can offer to sign a bank guarantee, a cash deposit or a pledge that ensures the collection of the rent in case of non-payment.

If both fail you: job security and economic solvency, but you know that you will be able to face the monthly payment of the rent, you can choose to offer the landlord a rental insurance, yes, you will have to pass the exam that the insurer does tenant to see if they accept the subscription of the policy and you will have to be prepared to convince the insurer.

If you are young and have generous parents, you can always opt for the personal guarantee, they will answer for you and the landlord will be happy.

Convince yourself with your responsibility
responsible tenant

If you have been rented in other flats and have a relationship with your landlords ask them to write a letter of recommendation and leave their phones as a way of contact so that your future home can call and talk about you.

It is the best. There is nothing like a recommendation from another landlord, who can explain how you have behaved on other floors.

Sell ​​yourself
apartment keys for rent

The time has come to sell yourself. Answer the question: why am I the perfect tenant? Make a list with all your qualities and think well of them to be able to describe them in detail to your landlord or real estate agent who speaks with you.

You should also make a list with all the negative, why? to turn it into a positive If you are new to the city, you have just been hired and you can not teach your landlord a good work history, you can offer to give him another month's rent as an additional guarantee to the deposit, thus trusting your financial solvency. And if you have a letter from your former landlord (with a telephone number to call him) in which he talks about your seriousness and responsibility as a tenant, much better.

That is, you must highlight all your qualities as a tenant and be prepared to counteract your shortcomings with a positive response that makes you forget the negative.