How to ensure a quiet rental

Do you want your rent to go smoothly? Well, there are some key things that will help you to achieve it. Here we tell you

The rental of a home is a situation that can begin very satisfactorily, the tenant has found the home of their dreams and the landlord begins to receive a money that costs no effort and comes "pearl."

However, the sad reality is that almost immediately problems arise in that 'idyllic' relationship, so we are going to shed the measures that can be taken beforehand to prevent these possible conflicts, between landlord and tenant.

What should be put in the contract?
Couple of tenants with keys of the apartment for rent

The drafting of a lease should not be limited to copying and pasting a more or less good model, there are aspects and issues that need special consideration:

Amount of the rent and its update.

According to the current law if it is not agreed in the contract, the rent can not be updated during its validity. It should be very clear about the procedure, the update rate that will be used and how to communicate that update to who should pay it. In case of negative update, the tenant must initiate it.

Contract period

Data of vital importance, from it derives the amount of compensation to be received in case of early withdrawal.

In the event that a long duration is agreed to dissuade the tenant from failing to give up after six months, it must be taken into account that the landlord can not terminate that contract by invoking necessity.

Deposit and additional guarantees

The landlord must accredit the tenant the deposit of the legal deposit, the additional ones, deposit of money, endorsements, etc., must appear as such in the contract.

Other expenses (IBI, Community expenses, garbage tax), the first two can be passed on to the tenant if agreed in the contract, and for Community expenses it is an indispensable condition to enter the annual amount. The garbage fee must be paid by the tenant.

Compensation in case of early withdrawal, to be able to demand it, it must be stated in the contract.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The compensation for this concept can not be greater than an amount equivalent to one month's rent in force for each year of the contract that remains to be fulfilled. The periods of time inferior to the year will give rise to the proportional part of the compensation.

Supplies, water, gas, electricity

It is advisable to state the state in which the hiring of the same is found and to whom it corresponds to pay if it is necessary to register them. If they are discharged, if they are going to change or not the ownership of those contracts. Likewise, the procedure to cancel, at the end of the rent, if the supplies are in the tenant's name.


On the one hand, the current state of the furniture, appliances and other furnishings of that dwelling must be recorded as accurately and as thoroughly as possible, as well as the amount of what the tenant must pay for small repairs.

End of contract

You have to specify:

a) the manner in which the tenant must deliver the rented dwelling, for example freshly painted if he received it.

b) at which time the deposit is returned.

c) the payment of compensation if the tenant has made early withdrawal.

d) how the delivery of keys will be formalized.

These are, in my opinion, the issues that tend to provoke a greater number of disputes between landlord and tenant, so it is advisable to have a solution in advance.