Tricks to find apartment for rent in summer

Has summer caught you looking for a flat for rent and you can not take it anymore? Do not despair that here we are to throw a cable. There it goes. Luck!

Yes, summer can seem much harder to find apartment for rent. But no. It is just a mirage caused by heat and mosquitoes. Your ideal floor is there and these tricks are going to help you find it. All yours.

Get organized
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First, take your time to decide what your ideal floor would be. You must choose:

- Neighborhood
- Size
- With or without furniture
- Price

Once you are clear about everything above, start your search. Right now you can make your first selection from home or from anywhere with your mobile. You only have to look at real estate portals with a good selection of flats for rent in the area where you are looking and mark your favorites.

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When you have your list of favorite flats make a comparison between them to sort them by preference. Write down the rental conditions of each of them:

- What do they ask for a deposit and if there is any additional guarantee?
- If you already have the supplies discharged or not.
- If you have to pay something additional to the monthly rent (IBI, community of owners, garbage ...)

You must also take into account those conditions to do your floor planning.

Once you have a good pack of candidate apartments, from five to ten, start making appointments to see them. It is best to make appointments in a few days because then you will remember your details to compare better than if you visit in different weeks.

Sell ​​yourself
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Before visiting any apartment or calling a landlord or agency to arrange a visit, make a list with all your qualities as a tenant:

- Economic solvency: proof that you can pay the rent with your nomination or income as self-employed.

- Seriousness and responsibility: talk about your experience as a tenant in other floors and how you always took care of the floors where you were and were punctual in the payment. If you have a recommendation letter from some old landlord much better.

When you visit the apartment you have all the papers in a folder and if you really like the floor you can show them and see how good a tenant you are.

negotiate contract rent apartment

Once you have your ideal floor, it's time to negotiate. Do you know what YES and what you CAN NOT ask your landlord? In case you do not have it very clear, I'll leave you two articles by Pedro Hernandez del Olmo, lawyer and expert from La Comunidad.

Yes, you can ask your landlord to rent a flat
What you can NOT ask your landlord when renting a flat

About the rental price, it is something that you must negotiate to find a fair point for both parties. What you need to know is how the annual rental update (raise) works so you can negotiate that with your landlord.

In all contracts signed from April 1, 2015 (as would be your case), landlord and tenant can freely agree on how the rent is updated. If the rental agreement does not include that agreement then the rent can not be updated. If the contract does include updating the rent but it does not say how it should be done then the Competitiveness Guarantee Index is applied.