They raise the price of the Internet and almost do not even know

We have raised the price of the Internet in almost half of the country's households and, have we heard about it? Do we know why? what have we done? Here are the answers.

In almost half of the households that have Internet with broadband, they experienced a rise in the price of their fixed broadband packages throughout the first half of the year. This is revealed by the latest numbers of the Household Panel of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Have you heard? Or do you know why they did it? Many do not. Look at the answers we give to this question: During 2018 your fixed Internet provider (the current one or another that you had during the year) raised your fare by a few euros in exchange for improving the services of your package (for example, giving it more data for your Smartphone or more minutes in calls) without you requesting it beforehand? (percentage of households, II-2018)

Internet price

Among homes that are aware of improvements in service, 82% would have preferred to keep their price and not benefit from the improvements (such as more data for their Smartphone or more minutes in calls).

So we answer the question: Were you satisfied with the rate increase in exchange for the improvements in services? (percentage of households, II-2018)

internet price

And what do we do?
Among the households that experienced a rise in their rates, 45% contacted their operator, but could not get rid of the price increase; On the other hand, 12% avoided paying more for their telecommunications offer. 7% of households with price increases opted to change operator.

These are our answers to the question: Did you try to contact your operator to complain about the increase or try to maintain the price? (percentage of households, II-2018)