How payments are distributed in a flat for rent

In a flat for rent the rent is paid by the tenant. That is clear, but what about the other expenses? The IBI, the repairs, the garbage rate ..? Here are the answers

Before signing a rental contract, drafted under the provisions of the Urban Tenancy Law (LAU), tenant and owner have to know what are the costs they have to assume. Although everything depends on what was agreed at the time of signing the agreement, which is best recommended to be reflected in the document, the most common is that the monetary obligations are distributed as follows:

Payments owner's responsibility
Home delivery keys apartment for rent

A good owner has to be aware of his responsibilities and take care of the expenses that correspond to him as a landlord:

Community of owners

The share of the owners' community, as well as the payments of spills, correspond to the landlord. In addition, it is worth remembering that neighbors can only go to the owner of the property, not the tenant, unless expressly authorized by the owner of the property.

It is also true that if the landlord wants, you can ask the tenant to pay the fees of the community of owners, yes, to do so must include it in the rental agreement and specify how much these fees amount annually. This is what the Urban Leasing Law says in Article 20.

Real Estate Tax

The owner of a rental apartment is responsible for paying the Property Tax (IBI). All holders of a home are required to pay this tax. Therefore, the owner of a rental apartment has the obligation to settle the accounts with the Treasury. The town councils are responsible for collecting the corresponding taxes for each home.

Here, it happens as in the previous point. The landlord can ask the tenant to pay the IBI, but to be able to demand it, it must be indicated in the contract that the tenant will be in charge of satisfying that payment and how much it is annually. All according to article 20 of the LAU.

Repairs and reforms

Another obligation of any owner of a rental home is to take care of the repair of damages, breakdowns and repairs caused by the usual wear (without intent) and necessary to maintain the home in the minimum conditions that allow habitability.

Insurance of content and continent

Also, it is recommended that the owner hire, and pay, continent insurance to be protected in case of incidents that affect the structure and conservation of the property. Also, if you rent furniture from the landlord, it is necessary that there is a content insurance that safeguards these goods.

Payments responsibility of the tenant
Couple of tenants with keys of the apartment for rent

Just as the owner has to comply at all times with his obligations, the tenant must be responsible for the payments they receive:


It is obvious, but it is worthwhile to collect this obligation collected in the LAU. The tenant must pay the rent corresponding to the rent each and every one of the months of validity of the contract; Whatever happens, you can not stop paying, otherwise you will be entering into a contractual breach that can cause various legal problems.

Also, the tenant can not substitute the payment of the last monthly payment with the deposit as legal deposit. Since that amount is destined to cover possible damages or debts, if they exist.


The tenant uses and enjoys the water, electricity and gas services so he has to pay for each bill. To avoid problems and possible conflicts, the most recommendable thing is that at the beginning of the rental contract the tenant has to change the ownership of these.

Waste rate

If the rental floor is in a city where there is a tax corresponding to garbage rates; This tax is the responsibility of the person who resides in the home because it is the one that generates waste, therefore, it corresponds to the tenant.

Regular maintenance

It is the responsibility of the tenant to carry out and pay for the usual maintenance tasks of the property so that when the contract ends it is returned under the same conditions as the floor was found at the time of signing the contract.

Tax on property transfers

This tax virtually unknown until a few years ago, jumped to the fore when the Autonomous Communities began to claim it. Although it is in force from the beginning of the rent, the communities, in charge of the competition and to claim it, did not do it. However, for months they require payment and retroactively.

The property transfer tax is closely linked to the purchase of housing, however, in rental is associated with the mere fact of living rent.